Missing Cashback

If your order not track within after 72 hours then fill the below details correctly, our team will check with the merchant and Update the same within next 30-60 days. You can also contact us via what's app at 8949836613

  1. 1. Retailers do not accept Missing Tickets older than 7 days
  2. 2. As these Missing Transactions are dealt with outside the usual payment process, Tickets may take 30-60 days to get resolved and show in your Earnings Account. Consequently confirmation period of Missing Transactions can also take longer than 60 days. Rest assured we will try our best to get your transaction approved as soon as possible. That’s when we earn too, so our incentives are always aligned with yours!
  3. 3. Incorrect Information may lead to Cancellation of Cashback / Rewards. Please do not raise multiple tickets for the same transaction. This may also lead to the Retailer declining the query
  4. 4. Please note that sometimes transactions initially track at lower/incorrect amounts and get updated to the right amount at the time of confirmation
  5. 5. While we shall try our best to resolve and get your Missing Cashback / Rewards approved, the retailer's decision is final in this regard
  6. 6. Please do Not raise any missing cashback Before 48 Hours From the time of Order