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About JumboSleep

Jumbo Sleep blends décor with comfort. With its unique range of mattresses and pillows, it focuses on the essence of your being comfortable in your own skin. It focuses on providing a comfortable and undisturbed sleep

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Founder's Speak

Being an entrepreneur from a young age, travel has been pretty much frequent. From the chilling Himachal to the tropical South I have done it all! I also have fun along the way and in the process have tried many hotels, cottages, BnBs, etc, ‘more the experience, better it is! When I book, I look for what feels closest to home. Here began my love for ‘nothing less than comfortable’. Quite often when I travelled, a swanky hotel room didn’t necessarily promise me a comfortable and relaxing bed to sleep on. A suitable bed isn’t about what it looks like, how well it blends into the décor, but what is paramount is; what it feels like. A comfortable bed for me has been that which makes me ‘sleep like a baby’.

Over a period of time, I realized, ‘comfort is not luxury’. After an entire day of hectic work what I look forward to the most, is a comfortable bed that almost lulls me to sleep.

‘Closest to home’ is not the walls that resemble the colour of my room, or the placement of the furniture, but how close it feels to my comfort zone.

Brand Mantra

Comfort is not Luxury!

We believe that comfort should be second nature to you! To be comfortable is to feel confident, to feel happy, to feel ‘you’. The feeling is as personal as the essence of your being comfortable in your own skin. It’s not something that one should experience every once in a while, it should be an everyday indulgence, something that you owe to yourself and those around you.

We understand that your room is the place that defines you and how carefully you pick and choose everything that you would like it to be. From the colour of the curtains to the lampshade by your bedside, everything speaks volumes of your tastes and personal style. But, why leave the comfort behind?

The bed that you retire to every night is like a super – platform. The next day is defined by how relaxed and energetic you wake up. The secret formula lies, not only in how many hours of sleep one puts in, but also how comfortably you slept. Here, is where we come in. We make sure we offer you sleep solutions that add to the quality of your undisturbed sleep.

We also support ‘each to his own’, everyone has different requirements, based on factors such as age, body type, behaviour, nature of the physical activity, etc. Therefore, we put it in a great deal of effort to ensure we offer you not only the best in the industry but also what is best for you.

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