PaisaGet.com is India’s largest Cashback and coupons website. It helps you save on all your regular purchases across 500+ shopping websites. Earning Cashback is simple, just login to PaisaGet, search for your favourite retailer, click on a deal you like & shop normally at the retailer’s site.
Login to PaisaGet & search for the retailer you want to shop at. On PaisaGet’s retailer store page click on a deal you like. This will send you to the retailer’s site where you can shop like you always do. You will get your PaisaGet within 5 Minutes to 72 Hours depending on the retailer you shop at. Once you have Rs.250 or more Confirmed Cashback you can transfer this Cashback to your Bank Account via NEFT or redeem it as an Amazon / Flipkart Gift Cards. PS – You can redeem once you have Rs.250 or more Confirmed Cashback.
Pending balance earned from purchases made at cashback stores usually requires 4-10 weeks wait period before which it becomes available. This is because most stores wait until their return and exchange period is over before confirming a purchase. If a merchant finds a purchase as cancelled or exchanged, the pending balance does not become available and will be removed from your account. Pending balance earned from promotional activity like referrals has its own conditions that must be fulfilled for it to become available. Pending balance earned on referring your friend will be confirmed once your friend will earn min of Rs 250 in his confirmed state.
We have to wait for the store to confirm to us that the purchase was not returned or exchanged. Merchants also use this time to validate that the sale has met conditions for earning of cashback. We constantly work with stores to reduce this wait period. However, just to be on good terms we inform you that it may usually take 4-10 weeks for a transaction to be confirmed.
These are a few things that you can be mindful of to ensure that your cashback tracks properly:
  • Be logged into your PaisaGet account.
  • Ensure that you are shopping at a store that offers PaisaGet Cashback.
  • When you click an offer or store, PaisaGet will open a window linking you to that store. Please ensure that you transact in the opened window.
  • Please ensure that your shopping cart is empty in the shopping window. If it is not empty please clear the contents of your cart and visit the store via PaisaGet again.
  • Do not use any price comparison or discount widgets while shopping.
  • For merchant specific conditions please view ‘Useful Tips’ section on the merchant page.
We recommend that you wait for at least 72 hours after the transaction is made. In cases where a transaction was not tracked automatically even after 72 hours, we recommend you to File Missing Claim. Our Support team would get back to you within 24 hours and help you further to solve your issue
To withdraw your balance, log in to your PaisaGet account and visit the OverView section >withdraw cashback.
  • Select the method of withdrawal, bank, e-wallet.
  • Select the account where you wish to transfer your Available Balance.
  • Enter the amount and hit Submit.
  • Bank transfers take between 5-7 business days to reflect in your account. eWallet and Recharge transactions are almost instantaneous but can take upto 72 hours to reflect in your account.

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